This year we had a plan and it worked!!!

The idea was simple to give everybody who wanted to attend the weekend a responsibility.

The trailer was taken out of storage for the second time this year and delivered by Andy G7LRR to the field.

 Andy M0TTL and Sean M0SLY started setting up the scam mast while Andy G7LRR and TAFFY M6XPW Started on the radios and laptop.

 The station was set up in record time giving us time to make some alterations to the antenna and rotator, we even managed to get a big breakfast in the bar cooked by carol to just set you up right before the contest started.

 John M0JBA joined us in the cafe after he had set up his QRP station on 70cms.

The hooter sounded and we were off Andy G7LRR making the first contacts, swiftly passing the mike on to the other members to take part in the fun.

 Contacts were made and logged throughout the day. Some members even turning up on the day with their family to show off the station and setup.

Time passed away all too quickly, Graham M6IHT did the chip shop run and we all sat down for a well-earned break and a chat about the bands. Contacts made into the early evening slowed down so it was decided to have an early night, the station was shut down for the night.

Andy G7LRR and Mike G7TYT had returned to the Clubs workshop to repair Mikes Ft-1000mp, this was found to be just a small dry joint, and was up and running in no time.   

Sunday started early with Sean M0SLY working stations into Europe although he did not claim the furthest distance contact, as that belonged to Taffy M6XPW Working a whopping 891 km well done to him.

Many operators turned up to work the radios on the Sunday in fact we had chairs outside the mobile shack with people waiting to take their turn Linda M6LGN been one of them (we have a photo as evidence Andy you owe me £10). All to soon the event was over and we all started to strip down the station working as a team, proof been the last man left the field to go home 42 mins after the last contact. Fantastic, well done to everyone MASSIVE club effort.

Thank you to all club members this turned out to be a great short notice event.


Andy G7LRR, Sean M0SLY, Andy M0TTL, Taffy M6XPW, John M0JBA, Jon 2E0ZRO, Patrick M1CBC, Jase M0MGF, Graham M6IHT, Mike G7TYT

Best contact made

By Taffy M6XPW : 891 km JN48EQ

QSO :    63

Countries : 9

Points : 20200



 Sean M0SLY.

Blackburn Beverley 24th – 31st March

Blackburn Beverley the Anniversary of this unique aircraft located at Fort Paull using GB0BB callsign from our Club House within the grounds of Fort Paull.

The club will be activating the callsign GB0BB, from Fort Paull. The event is to celebrate the 11th anniversary of this, the last surviving aircraft of its type residing in the grounds of the Fort.

If anyone has any pictures relating to a Blackburn Beverley aircraft, then we would be pleased to receive a copy through this

Guest Operators from far and wide are as always welcome to our activations. If you wish to stop over, then for a small fee, over night camping is available. All monies raised are used in the renovation of Fort Paull. The Fort receives NO funding from any organisation.
There is a cafe on site, and plenty of toilet facilities, and for those visiting the club, a hot drink is usually in order.

A special QSL card is available for those that work the station.


The plane was originally built at British Aerospace in Brough and made its final flight into Paull Aerodrome just outside the village, it remained there for ten years before being moved to the Beverley Army Museum where it was a focal point for visitors for several years. When the museum closed a bid was made by the Fort to purchase the aircraft. The bid was subsequently successful and in 2004 the Beverley returned home to Paull and opened to the public after re-assembly in 2005.

The staff at Fort Paull are extremely proud of this acquisition and are determined to preserve not just the fabric of the aircraft but also its history. Inside the aircraft you will find information regarding the history of the Blackburn Beverley and this specific aircraft in particular, you can also look around its massive frame and see just how much the plane could carry.

No visit to the Fort is complete without looking at the Blackburn Beverley.

Lot of info about the history of the XB259 can be found HERE

QSL Info:

Bureu is free / Direct via the QSL manager (G1TDN) with a S.A.S.E (UK) or $2 to cover postage. Please note – IRCs are now no longer valid in the UK.