GB2TCL get off to a good start

Kevin 2E0KVK

Friday night saw the start of our annual Lighthouse weekend activation for ILLW. Kevin 2E0KVK (AKA) Bear Grylls got into action and worked a large pile up on 20m from the USA and Caribbean Islands well into the wee hours of the night.

The club members, as always, will be camping over the full weekend so the radio should be manned most of the time. We expect 40m and 20m to be very busy throughout Saturday.

Please look out for us on the bands over the weekend.


Steve cheeky bones 2E0NSQ and Bob Smiler M0RWL set the dress code for the weekend  as the happy glampers – joined at the hip and set to storm the airways.

Please listen out for them, for we are sure you will want to comment on this comedy duo.


VHF Field Day 2013

Vhf field day starts off with great weather sun shining and 26 deg’s and everyone starts to turn up for the weekend camp over pitching tent and caravans.

Saturday morning starts off with getting our portable shack in place and masts setup for 2 pm saturday kick off.

The 12 element Yagi for 2m is set to 10m height and guyed down all ready to go, John M0JBA set up camp and puts together his 70cm station with a home-made 7 element Yagi and 5 watts QRP which he operates from his tent into the wee small hours.

The contest kicks off and we soon find out the Yagi on 2m is working better than we thought it would with great results, contacts as far as spain are made over the 24 hours with just 100 watts.

In true Humber Fortress DX Sytle Saturday saw our normal event fish and chips supper which was enjoyed by all, the weekend before had seen a small party for an antenna install day at one of your members Jo 2E0JJO and Chris’s 2E0CWB QTH,

Whom put on a great BBQ and that was followed by a nice profiterole gateau,but one of our team Steve 2E0NSQ thought his serving was too small, it so happened Jo heard about this little moan of Steve’s, and on Sunday presented Steve with his own full profiterole gateau, the Greedy Cheap never shared it.

We are only kidding Steve..

A big thank you to all that supported the event.

Please enjoy a short slide show of the weekend