Hi guys…..

What a great weekend was had by those that attended the GB2HLS station on spurn point.
Around 600 stations where worked all together and the majority in the u.k and british isles and
this is what it was all about, putting the R.N.L.I in to the public eye and be part of the 200yrs celebration of the Humber life boat.
Amazingly we had around 3,500 hits on qrz.com!!!that’s an enormous amount of visits to achieve in a short time….thanks to Andy (G7LRR) for doing a smashing job on the qrz.com page, it certainly had plenty of information!!!!.
We also had around 250 hits on the M0HFC site on qrz.com so that’s good as well.

We had Radio Interview on Radio Humberside with Helen philpot (The Philpot Files)

GB2HLS on Radio Humberside

 We certainly left the Humber life boat station on a ‘high’ as to say, and are pleased to announce that we have been invited back next year to do a similar event but with a more of an fund raising appeal if anyone would like to try and get some sort of sponsorship through there works or business this would be great!!!.

Facility’s where provided by the R.N.L.I station (shower,toilets,kitchen, sleeping accommodation) and a fantastic visit on to the lifeboat where we was shown around by different members of the crew explaining the different types of equipment available….thanks to them!!!.

Also a thank you to Karen (Dave Steenvordens wife) for the interview type conversation i had with her regarding there lifestyles and everyday life’s as a WAG!!! (lifeboat mans wife!!!) and to all the rest of the wives for putting up with our invasion of the station.

This was a great event to be part of and i hope we have many more with these guys down there and for those who could not attend….book your days off in advance for next year!!!!

Again many thanks to all who attended if only for a day …..well done!!…..


200th Anniversary of the Humber Lifeboat Station

This Year is the 200th Anniversary of the Humber Lifeboat Station at Spurn Point.

 As part of the celebratory activities HF DX ARC will be putting the lifeboat crew on the air over the weekend of 15th 16th and 17th October 2010 on Amateur bands 20meters 40meters  80meters  SSB  and 2meters VHF  with the Special Call Sign GB2HLS  (Humber Lifeboat Station).

 Humber Lifeboat Crew

 The Humber Fortress DX A.R.C is a new and upcoming club that is all about promoting Amateur Radio in the Hull and surrounding areas based now at Fort Paull.

 “We are now trying to attend as many events in the area to support and promote the hobby.”

 All members of the HF DX ARC are looking forward to the Humber Lifeboat Station Event.

  Being able to give the crew of the lifeboat station a chance to go on the air and talk to amateurs all around the world, about what they do and their life style at the station.

The Humber Lifeboat Station is the only lifeboat station with a full-time crew and it has carried out some outstanding rescues during its 200-year history. One remarkable figure at the station was Coxswain Robert Cross who was awarded two Gold Medals, three Silver Medals, two Bonze Medals and the George Medal.

“Being able to give the opportunity to the crew of the lifeboat station to appear on the air live, and talk to amateurs around the world about their lifestyle and how they work on the 200th anniversary of the station, is an honour for us to host.”


Andy Nielsen (G7LRR)


Humber Fortress DX A.R.C