INTERNATIONAL MUSEUMS ON THE AIR 15th/17th & 23rd/25th JUNE 2012.


This year again see’s H.F.D.X.ARC participating in this event.

Operating from both the club house station and the new mobile shack station within the grounds of

FORT PAULL museum.

This has been one of our popular events in past years with over 10,000 stations contacted worldwide!!!.

Listen for GB0FP on 160,80,40,20 & local vhf or check out the DX clusters


Fort Paull is a great place to visit as it takes you back to the Napoleonic times when this establishment was first in use in the 15th century through world wars 1&2 and upto the late 1960’s when it was decommissioned by the MOD.
A family venue with lot’s to do to entertain the children whilst mum & dad relax and un-wind in the well kept grounds or visit us at our radio shack.
Fort Paull is also the home of the last remaining Blackburn Beverly transport aircraft in the world!!,
a unique aircraft open to the public with lot’s of displays inside and out.


MUSEUM No’  . 5099

WAB  . TA12


Details can be found on QRZ.COM about the club (MX0HFC) or just click on the link below.
(several links to on line live camera’s, club web site, guestbook to sign!!!)

Sign Guestbook

Club web site.

Fort Paull web site

Int museums web site


If you do work GB0FP, we would appreciate you signing the guestbook on the club web site,
We look forward to working you over the 2 weekends the event is activated.

HF.DX A.R.C News Letter 00111

Humber Fortress DX Amateur Radio Club
News Letter 00111

 We all know what it is like to wear a hat and depending on

your age also depends on the style used, so with this in mind Mr Phil (M0VEY) was thrown a challenge .

This was given by Andy G7LRR Chairman of the Humber Fortress DX Amateur Radio Club.

The challenge was for M0VEY to wear a different type of hat,cap headgear each week to the clubhouse located at fort Paull ,well with this sort of challenge thrown what would any decent law abiding go up north once a month person do but accepted and he did.

The very first picture was take in the club prior to the start of the first RSGB short contest 80m ssb on Wednesday night the 4th January.

So there you are folks a good start to the new year 2011.

Mr Phil (M0VEY) was thrown a challenge  to wear a different type of hat,cap headgear each week to the clubhouse

Mr Phil (M0VEY) was thrown a challenge to wear a different type of hat,cap headgear each week to the clubhouse

Phils hats so far


I intend in the future to do a
small feature on members of the
club, nothing personal just a
few words, facts and figures on
how they entered the hobby.
I will always show a draft copy
to them beforehand, in case they
would like it removed.
So please, if there is anyone in
the club that dosn’t wish to take
part, please let me know.
Many thanks
Bob Lane MORWL

Foundation Course

As many of you will be aware A foundation course is under way at the fort with the final exam been taken on the 29th January which is a Sat morning.

So through this edition of the news letter I would like to offer all the very best to Kevin And Frank hope to meet you On the airwaves very soon.

From all at HF.DX.A.R.C

We would all like to thank John G6LNV for his work and time in setting up the banking system Foundation administration and All those little bits that he seems to have knowledge about.
Many Thanks John its a pleasure to share the hobby with you.


Next week sees the first RNLI event of the year for fund-Raising which is SOS RNLI and starts on Friday 28th of January the club however is supporting this event on Sat And Sun which is 22 and 23 from the clubhouse .

We need a small group of people to help erect and sort out the antennas which will be needed for this event so please If you are free and feel like a few hrs at the club then Contact Andy by e-mail.

This event is not replacing our own event GB2HLS which Is taking place later in the year and should be a lot of fun This year.

Just in case you have not got Andy’s E-mail it is OK on QRZ.Com