We are the Humber Fortress DX ARC,

located at FORT PAULL…..3 miles east of the city of HULL, East Yorkshire,

Club calls are MX0HFC & M0HFC.

Originally established IN 2010 by Andy Nielsen G7LRR and Simon Hewick 2E0HDX to be a private contest /special events group.

It became apparent that more people wanted to get involved in what we where doing and soon enough 6 members became nearly 30!!!.

We are located in one of east Yorkshire’s oldest fortress’s dating back to around the 15th century Fort Paull.

This is the home of the last existing Blackburn Beverly transport aircraft in the world!!.


We meet twice a week, Tuesday and Friday and also we are active on most weekends through the year.

The club is a satellite training centre for internal and external training to groups and society in the community.

We initially have 3 rooms (lounge,kitchen and radio shack) and are in the process of finishing the training room.

Fort Paull does some great events of the year so please check there website of more info


We welcome amateur operators far and wide and would invite any radio club/society to visit us!!.

We support the following events……

1…Museums on the air GB0FP

2..Lighthouses on the air GB2SL GB2TCL

3…Blackburn Beverley weekend GB0BB

4…Humber lifeboat station GB2HLS

5…V.E Day local event

6…R.N.L.I SOS Week.

7… R.S.G.B Contests

information about the club can be obtained from.

Contact: Mr Bob Lane, M0RWL

Tel: 07975 970272


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