Humber Fortress DX A.R.C took part in this years VHF National Field Day event on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of July.

The weather was slightly against us to start with and was blowing a gale (always fun to have when your trying to erect a scan mast or 2). This was followed by some heavy rain, a sure sign to put the kettle on, but did get better as the weekend went on.

The event ran for 24 hours and even though VHF isn’t the easiest contest to work (lots of patients needed) some members camped over on the Saturday night to carry on manning the radio’s.

Thank you to all club members who took part, and helped to make the weekend a success.



Patrick’s, M1CBC Antenna Day

Saturday 10th October saw members of HFDXARC down at Patrick’s M1CBC QTH .

With bacon butties on offer the gang soon was busy getting the antenna’s and coax runs sorted.

Charlie 2E0CIK was soon on the roof putting up a 2m collinear antenna that John M0JBA had put together along with a halyard for the wire antenna to go to.

At the other end of the garden was Monkey boy lenny M6LRR up a big tree making a anchor point the other end of the off centre dipole.

The day was all successfully completed and contacts made on hf bands to boot.

Big thanks to the following for there help at Patrick

Andy G7LRR ,Trevor G1TDN, Lenny M6LRR, John B M0JBA, John C G6LNV, Jason M0MGF, Marcin M0GLV.

Some photos of the day

20151010_123616 20151010_123447 20151010_123431 20151010_110115 20151010_110101 20151010_110053